5 Healthy Summer Habits to Develop With Your Family Now

Summer is well and truly here and that means lots of changes occur as a matter of course for many of us. We spend more time outdoors, we tend to make a bit more of an effort to stay in shape (it’s swimsuit season after all) and the sun does something that motivates us (sometimes) to actually make the effort to live a little healthier. 

The kids are out of school too, meaning that they need to be kept, happy, healthy and amused too, something that does not always seem to be an easy task. 

Not getting that feel good warm weather vibe yet? Then maybe we can help. There are some very easy ways to develop healthy summer habits for everyone that are not hard to follow at all. Here are just a few great ideas: 

Get out to a Farmer’s Market 


After months of cold weather and the ‘hearty’ food that tends to go along with us many of us are actually craving some juicy and colorful fresh fruits and delicious salads. But don’t just head to the supermarket to stock up on fruit and veg take a trip to a local farmer’s market instead. Not only is the produce fresher and in many cases completely organic but a morning or afternoon spent wandering an outdoor market can make for a lovely summer day out anyway. 

Eat Alfresco Whenever You Can 

There is something very refreshing, relaxing and even calming about getting out of the kitchen or dining room and eating outside. Whether it’s getting up a few minutes earlier so you can enjoy a healthy breakfast (which you know is a must) on the patio or enjoying a packed lunch in the local park with the kids, it’s both a healthy summer habit and a wonderful stress reliever you should indulge ion as often as possible. And what could be a better way to end the day than dinner under the stars? 

Drink More Water 

Do you struggle to down those recommended eight glasses of water a day? In the summer it is more crucial than at any other time that you find a way to consume at least that much to remain hydrated and healthy. 


Have a problem working out how much weight glasses really is? It’s somewhere around about 1.9 liters, which is as much as is contained in three refills of the standard sports bottle. So if you drink three full water bottles a day you’re good.  

If you – or the kids – hate the boring and bland taste of plain water and that’s why you struggle to drink enough then add a few slices of fruits – lemons, limes, berries, whatever you like – to a pitcher of water, refrigerate it overnight and then use that naturally flavored H2O to get you through the day. 

Start the Day with Sunscreen 

Sunscreen is not something that you put on only when you head to the beach. It’s very important that your skin is protected whenever and wherever you venture out in the summertime, even if most of your day will be spent in the office. 

Apply sunscreen after your morning shower and if you are a lady who still likes a little makeup in the summer a tinted moisturizer with SPF of 15-20 will not only protect your complexion from the effects of the sun’s rays but it will look prettier and far more natural in the hotter weather as well.  

Sunscreen is even more important for the kids and it’s not just for the beach. Whatever they are doing for the day, if it will involve going outside at all – which it really should – then sunscreen of at least SPF 30 is a must. 

Send the Kids to (Day) Camp

Sleepaway camp isn’t right for every kid – or every parent – especially if you have plans to do some extra family bonding this summer. A day camp however can be just as much fun. Take the offerings at Integrity. There’s something for every kid to enjoy – from arts and crafts to active session based around American Ninja Warrior – and in addition to having lots of fun they’ll be able to make new friends – and great memories – as well. 

Learn more about our summer camp sessions here