The Big Benefits Cheering Can Offer to Your Child


Cheerleaders don’t always get their fair due. All too often they are seen as ornamental attractions and not considered to be athletes at all. Which is very unfair. As anyone who has ever been a cheerleader will be happy to tell you, the sport (because it really is one) requires as much physical effort, personal discipline, teamwork and dedication as any other, maybe even more so. In other words, there is a lot more to cheering than just eye-catching costumes.

An increasing number of kids are beginning to understand all of this though, and their parents are catching up, understanding that enrolling their child in cheer classes is not an alternative to participation in other ‘proper’ sports but a genuine athletic pursuit that comes along with a great many benefits and rewards.

Speaking of the benefits of the sport, here are some of the biggest that cheerleading can offer to any kid:

Physical Fitness and Endurance

Contrary to some people’s opinions, cheerleaders don’t exist simply to glorify the ‘real’ athletes on the field, they are athletes in their own right and some very skilled ones at that. All of the tumbling, jumping, dancing and stunting that cheerleaders are known for calls for a level of physical agility, strength and endurance that is comparable to more ‘serious’ sports, however easy and seamless great cheerleaders can – and do – make it all look.

Development of Coordination and Flexibility

Flexibility, timing and coordination are crucial skills cheerleaders need in order for any of their routines to work. Just a mistake – or misstep – or two can derail a whole routine, so the time spent practicing for that not to happen develops rhythm and flexibility skills that can both enhance the child’s performance as cheerleader and translate to other sports as well.

Cheering Teaches Teamwork

Nothing, and we mean nothing, works in cheerleading if the teamwork is off. More than most sports perhaps cheering calls for a high level of teamwork – and camaraderie – that will translate to life skills that can be used in all kinds of situations in adult life. Learning at an early age that depending on – and supporting – the actions of others can impact their chances of success prepares kids for a world in which that is often very much the case too.

Confidence Building

Aside from the physical benefits offered by cheering, there are some great mental ones too. Being a part of a strong team helps kids feel more connected to their peers. Mastering a challenging move or routine offers a great sense of achievement. Helping others – in this case teammates – always feels good. As does supporting and boosting the confidence of others (yes, those ‘real’ athletes on the field). Cheering offers all of this and more and so it’s a fantastic confidence builder.

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