The Big Benefits (For Everyone) of Parent/Tot Gymnastics Classes

parent and tots gymnast

Every parent wants to do the best things for their kids. Every parent wants to find new ways to bond with their kids, especially when they are very young. And every parent certainly wants to make sure that their child is happy and healthy. And the fact is that by participating in a Parent/Tot gymnastics class you can do all of that and more.

What is a Parent/Tot Gymnastics Class?

Toddlers like to move and once they start walking they like to move a lot. Sometimes those movements are a little uncoordinated and wobbly, but a few tumbles and spills are all a part of growing up.

A parent/tot gymnastics class, like the ones we hold at Integrity Gymnastics, sees kids from walking age (whenever that is for each individual child) to around three years old get introduced to the basics of simple gymnastics – jumps, rolls, handstands, swings, walking on the beam and more – in a safe, friendly environment that’s all about fun. They get to have Mom or Dad stick around too, which is not just an extra bonus for them but for their parent too.

Benefits of Gymnastics for Young Toddlers

Two years old (the age when most kids are walking reasonably well) may seem very young to start participating in gymnastics but there are actually a lot of proven benefits for kids in doing so. Gymnastics helps improve all around coordination – both whole body coordination and hand-eye coordination – and is great for building strength in a toddler’s fast-growing body as well. A gymnastics class will also make sure that your toddler remains as active as medical experts say they should (especially as you know they’ll want to ‘practice’ even on the days they don’t go to class)

But there are more than just physical benefits to be gained from a parent/tot gymnastics class. Gymnastics is all about discipline and teamwork, and the sooner any child begins developing these essential life skills the better. Research has shown that kids who participate in organized sports before they enter formal schooling tend to perform better across the board once they do. A gymnastics class is also a great way for toddlers to begin learning how to make friends and socialize in general.

Benefits of a Parent/Tot Class for Moms and Dads

Many parents may think, in the beginning, that their presence at a parent/tot class is simply required to help their child stay calm and happy, but there is actually a lot more to it than that. These classes are a great bonding opportunity too, as in our busy lives taking an hour out to focus solely on our kids is not always easy. Sharing in the pride a child feels when they master a new skill is pretty special and a parent/tot gymnastics class allows you to do that at least once a week.

The class also opens the door to new friendships and social interactions for grown-ups too. It’s far too easy to get caught up in everything that needs to be done at home and at work and forget that grown-ups benefit from socializing too.

Where They Can Go Next

For some children, attending gymnastics classes remains a fun, but not very serious activity. And that’s OK, in fact, it’s great, there’s a lot to be gained from recreational gymnastics at any age. For others, a parent/tot gymnastics class is the spark that begins a lifelong love of the sport and the springboard into competitive gymnastics. We see both scenarios play out all the time. And grin every time we do!

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