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Professional gymnastic instructors recognize that children as young as two years old have the most flexible bones and muscles. Gymnastics is a wonderful way to help toddlers learn how to control their balance while expanding the use of their agility and endurance. Children who begin gymnastics early find sports and dance far easier to learn and increase their proficiency. Gymnastics can be a life long activity that trains the human body to greater longevity.

Facts about Gymnastics

Some of the world’s best Olympic gymnasts had a natural inclination to stretch their physical movements nearly from birth. Gymnasts are trained, not born. It takes the guiding hand of a professional gymnast to turn out top Olympic gymnastic champions. These professionals also help children and adults to enjoy the floor exercises and apparatus. For example, many gymnastic schools offer classes for toddlers and parents. This has double the benefit because parents take part in their child’s earliest exposure to gymnastics. Gymnastic instructors at Integrity Gymnastics, Dance & Cheer, where we strive to be the best gymnastics gym in Overland Park KS, have the advantage of a fully trained and professional staff of instructors.

As we strive to be the very best gymnastics gym in Overland Park KS, along with Kansas City overall, we give parents the assurance of top quality, safe instructions that show in their children’s’ performance from one session to another. As children advance, their gymnastic instructors carefully plan the gymnastic course to fit each child’s special abilities. Some children prefer floor exercises and by the age of six can master aerials like somersaults and front and back handsprings under the scrutiny and tutelage of their gymnastic instructors.

Other children have a natural talent for apparatus like the balance beam. As children grow more proficient with the balance beam, the height of this apparatus increases. Toddlers may practice on a beam that is a few inches from the floor until at older ages they can perform on the standard size balance beam used in the Olympics.

Fun and Great Physical Exercise

As toddlers, children love the fun of performing the basic tumbling floor exercises. What most parents don’t realize is that these exercises teach children how to prevent injuries because their bodies adapt to the natural kinesiological reaction to falls and spills during normal child’s play. Children’s interest in gymnastics begins to grow as they find themselves achieving more of the goals their gymnastic instructors set for them. The other fun factors are the social exposure to other gymnastic students and the competitive spirit to continue to learn new, more complex gymnastic exercises.

Instructors and Coaches

For gymnastic instructors, there is nothing as rewarding as seeing the continued advancement of gymnastic students. At Integrity Gymnastics, Dance & Cheer, the best gymnastics gym in Overland Park KS, each student is encouraged to meet the challenges of their chosen course of gymnastics. Coaching and guiding each gymnast along the path to greatest accomplishment is the most basic part of gymnastic instruction.

Generally, a gymnastic instructor is highly sensitive to the student who seems to pick up each new instruction with ease. These students receive the same attention as students who find instruction a little more difficult to grasp. This is where the use of team instructors maximizes each student’s gymnastic skills and talents. Start a gymnast young and the rewards are greatest.


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