Part 2:Gymnastics at The 2016 Olympics–What Does It Take?

Learning Gymnastic Skills in Overland Park KS fb

Millions of fans look forward to the Gymnastics competitions at the 2016 Olympics. The upcoming 2016 summer games begin in fewer than 240 days. They will occur in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. These summer games include three general types of gymnastic competitions: men’s and women’s artistic, rhythmic and trampoline gymnastics. Each area involves a number of specific competitions which offer athletes an opportunity to win medals.
 Athletes usually travel to the Olympics with their team members and coaches. Countries that host the games strive to provide excellent facilities and athlete housing during the games. 

Qualifying For Olympic Gymnastics Teams

You can visit the website of the International Federation of Gymnastics to see the schedules of upcoming international gymnastic events. A calendar on the website lists important upcoming competitions. Even though the Olympic games occur at four year intervals, events for young people hoping to qualify for Olympic teams occur much earlier. So many countries participate in some activities, which Olympic teams need to qualify for certain events, also.
 One advantage of beginning gymnastics training during childhood involves the opportunity to seek to participate as a teenager and young adult in Olympic competitions. In the past, some Olympic stars have earned places on several consecutive Olympic teams, qualifying again each time to join the team. 
 For example, Sawao Kato of Japan won gold medals as the best all around male gymnast at Olympic Games in 1968 and 1972, and for floor exercises in 1968, and then won another gold medal for parallel bars competition in 1976. Famed female gymnast Larisa Latynina also won several gold medals at multiple Olympics.

Learning Gymnastic Skills

Another excellent reason to begin training as a child for gymnastic competitions involves developing skills sets in several areas. Some gymnasts discover that they excel in certain activities, such as floor exercises, pommel horse, horizontal bar, vaulting horse, rings, trampoline or parallel bars. 
 By training with different types of equipment, a gymnast may qualify to compete in multiple gymnastic events, increasing the possibility of winning a gold medals at the Olympic Games. Usually, athletes must prepare about four to eight years in advance to hope to qualify for the very competitive Olympic competitions.

Other Benefits, Too

Obtaining training to compete in gymnastic events offers many rewards, even for young people who do not qualify for Olympic teams. By honing their skills in this field, they develop excellent hand and eye coordination. Gymnastics provides both great exercise, and an outlet for creativity. It offers a fun way to make new friends while developing strength and flexibility!

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