Camps are Coming Back to Integrity! Are Your Kids Ready for Some Great Summer Fun?

summer campCamp is coming back at Integrity! Starting in early June we’ll be staging a wide range of full and half day camps for kids that offer all kinds of fun activities that help ward off those ‘I’m bored’ cries that usually begin about two days after school is over for the summer.

If this will be the first time your child has attended a day camp you may be wondering what to expect and just how you should prepare your child for some cool summer adventures. With all of that in mind here are some tips for helping your child get the most out of their summer camp experience this year.

At Integrity, we do our very best to ensure all our campers have a safe, healthy time. But there are a few things Moms and Dads can do to help make sure that’s the case as well:

Apply sunscreen to your child’s skin before they leave home. Some of our activities are outside and even a little bit of sun exposure on unprotected skin can be harmful. Avoid tanning lotion with little or no SPF, or sunscreen that contains glitter as it can reflect light and cause sunburn. Consider sending them along with a hat for extra protection too.

One thing camp directors always see is children coming with the wrong dress. Some kids want to pick out their own clothes, but if they have chosen black jeans and a dark t-shirt, it may not be the best option if it’s sunny and warm outside!

Dress your child for comfort, safety, and appropriate temperatures. Proper shoes are important too, particularly if they will be playing outside. Avoid strappy sandals and flip flops; opt for tennis shoes.

Any item brought to camp should have your child’s name, address and phone number on it in case it gets left behind. It also avoids confusion if identical items are brought by two children.

Do not allow your child to bring valuable items such as handheld games or cell phones. Day camp programs are designed to provide an enriching experience, and your child should be engaging in these activities rather than playing with electronics.

Having an emergency contact person is vital. Even more important is that the designated person knows you have written her name down. Every year camps have situations where they call the emergency contact person and she was not informed she was designated as such. Before listing a person’s name on the form, let her know first.

Read the materials the camp gives you—policies, procedures, and planned activities. If you know what to expect and what is expected of you, things will run much smoother. We, like most camps, have a weekly schedule so parents know about upcoming activities.

Finally, encourage your child to enjoy the experience. Mark the first day of camp on the family calendar and do a countdown. Help your child develop a checklist of items needed. And don’t forget to share your own camp stories. Remind your child to obey the rules, be respectful of others and have a great time!

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