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Exercise is one of the most crucial activities for healthy brain development in kids. Research shows that there is a strong correlation between fitness and academic excellence in children. Researchers at the University of Illinois found that children who participated in gymnastics gained self-discipline and social skills which are instrumental in their academics. These findings suggest that bouts of fairly intense aerobic workout provided by gymnastics can improve the performance of children in class. At the Overland Park location for Integrity Gymnastics in Kansas City we are focused on your child’s growth.

Here are 4 indirect ways your child may benefit from gymnastics outside the gym…

Social Discipline & Structure

Gymnastics adds structure as well as discipline to a kid’s routine. The primary goal of positive discipline is to guide your kid to conduct himself in a socially acceptable manner. Positive discipline is instrumental as it promotes the kid’s self-control, increases self-confidence helps them make smart decisions and teaches him to take responsibility for his own actions. They also learn how to correspondingly present themselves and how that will benefit them as they develop. When kids are disciplined they will follow the directions that their teachers give them and this will help them academically.

Coordination through technique

The latest studies are showing that the greatest predictor for achievement in math and reading from kindergarten to 4th grade is coordination and motor skills. Gymnastics helps children build coordination and motor skills, and helps in developing a great sense of body awareness. For children, interacting with their surroundings is critical in their younger days. Gymnastics can provide kids with the skills to relate with their environment in ways other children can’t. It helps develop good coordination and body awareness which is a crucial developmental area that will assist children in becoming better students.

Social skills outside the home

Social skill are important for broader success, and research has shown that children with good social skills are more likely to perform well in school. Many sports can improve a kid’s social skills and discipline but the bilateral activities of gymnastics of Integrity Gymnastics in Kansas City are exceptional. Gymnastics gives children a weekly chance to learn how to listen, follow directions, stand in lines, and remain silent when others speak and a lot more. Overall, gymnastics will help improve your child’s social skills through the many fun and social routines inherit to learning gymnastics in a class.


Some parts of gymnastics are quite challenging, if not very challenging. This is great training for kids of all ages because they naturally strive to be challenged. When they learn to overcome challenges, they lead successful lives. Most skills in gymnastics take numerous tries to perfect. This is true with many things in life. Determination and dedication to pursue our goals enable us to achieve the success we seek in life. At Integrity Gymnastics, we encourage children to keep trying even if they fail, because they know if they keep working hard they will realize their goals in class. This is such a crucial skill to learn.

There is no denying that gymnastics classes can impact children’s learning in a great way. Integrity Gymnastics coaches boast a wealth of experience and will equip your children with all the tools they need to perform better in school. Thus, encourage your kids and let them take part in the sport at Integrity Gymnastics in Kansas City.

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