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Considering dance classes in Overland Park or surrounding areas?

Now is the ideal time for parents to allow their children to take advantage of the dance classes in the Kansas City area. Despite being fun, there are numerous benefits to dance when it comes to children. While people view traditional sports as ways to provide the necessary activity that a child needs, dance can be just as challenging, and equally beneficial, making dance an awesome alternative to traditional sports.

Following are several of the most prevalent benefits of dance for young children. These benefits give you as parents something to think about when considering extracurricular activities for your children

Improves Physical Health

One of the challenges of the technology age is that it ushered in an era that is characterized by sedentary lifestyles. Where children used to spend more time outdoors playing, a substantial amount of that time is now spent in front of a computer or video game, and this has led to a 17 percent obesity rate among children under the age of 18. Dance is an activity that children love, and it has all of the elements to help a child with their physical development and physical health. According to fitness professionals, practicing dance on a regular basis can improve strength, flexibility and range of motion. The movements in dance also have the ability to improve muscle tone and posture, which can have enduring benefits.

Improves Social Skills

Another area that has suffered during the technology revolution is the development of social skills. Children are more likely to spend less time making friends and engaging in social activity with all the lure of technology. Even when children make friends now, they spend the majority of the time texting them. Participating in dance, places children in the ideal situation to work together with a common goal in mind. It allows them to interact in an environment in which there are other children their age with similar interests. Dance not only allows children to improve their communication skills, but they form the ability to work in cooperation with others, all skills that will be immensely important as they progress through life.

Exceptional Educational Impact

Becoming a skilled dancer requires practice, commitment and focus, but the development of those skills can open doors to an entire new world for the child. The skills and focus required for dance easily translates into other areas of the child’s life. It can lead to greater creativity and aspirations in a number of different spheres. Because dancing is an acquired skill, it will also help to build the child’s confidence in their ability to learn new things as they move forward.

Improved Self-esteem

Self-esteem is an extremely important element in the development of children, and dance has the capacity to help develop positive self-esteem as a child progresses. The mental focus that it takes to advance in dance, conjoined with the natural development of the body that it produces, will lead to building the confidence of the child in those areas, helping to shape their self-esteem. One of the most powerful influences on the development of self-esteem is an accomplishment.

Dance provides the platform to experience accomplishment on a consistent basis, setting the foundation for the development of a well-founded and unshakable self-esteem.

The earlier your children enter this environment, the better. It is good for your child to have already developed their self-esteem before they begin to experience many of the challenges that are inevitable in life. These benefits are just a few reasons that you as a parent should allow your children to experience the fun and educational dance classes at Integrity Gymnastics, Dance & Cheer in Overland Park. Not only will it be fun, but also it will be an experience that will help them grow and succeed in life.

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