The Best Way to Spend Money on Your Kids? Give Them Experiences, Not Stuff

As a parent you no doubt have spent lots of sleepless night wondering how to give your kids the best life possible. Here’s one big answer: stop buying them so many things and instead take that money and give them great, exciting experiences. Research shows they will remember special events and family adventures longer and relive the joy and excitement again and again.

Do Children Really Need More Things?

Often if you ask adults about their goals and desires, many of them want to accumulate things. More stuff. More cars. Bigger houses. Fancier clothes. And that influence rubs off on their kids too. The kids grow up believing that if they get the latest video game console, the most dolls, the biggest, most expensive teddy bears, it will make them happy.

Most of the time it never does, they play with them for a while, get bored and then start hankering after something new. Just like their parents may have got that new car they wanted but now there’s a better, fancier car they have their eyes on and the one they wanted for so long just isn’t enough.

Stuff won’t make you happy for long. Of course, it is hard to explain it to kids when their own parents do not understand it either and just keep trying to make them happy by buying them things

Experiences Last Longer than Things

So what is the best way to spend money on your kids? Always choose to get them an experience, rather than possessions. In the battle between possession and experience, experience always wins!

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