Three Great Books for Your Early Learning Gymnast to Enjoy

However much your preschool, kindergarten or early grades child – and we welcome them all  here at Integrity – loves going to gymnastics as a parent you know there are lots of other things in life that they need to be involved, immersed and focused on too. At this age one of the most important is reading. As it can be hard to interest kids in reading, you do need to find the right books. So why not add gymnastics into the mix, as they already find it so engaging?

With this in mind here’s a look at some of our favorite gymnastics books for beginning readers that engage, educate and entertain.

I Will Try by Marilyn Janovitz

(Preschool to First Grade)

This charming tale demonstrates the power of perseverance. It tells the story of Ella, a little girl who wants to be just like the star of her gymnastics class, Jan. Jan is good at everything, but Ella is struggling to keep up. Fortunately Jan is a good friend as well as a great gymnast and she promises that if Ella keeps trying, she’s sure she’ll succeed. But is she right?

We love this book for its bright, cheerful illustrations and the fact that the sentences are short and to the point, so even the newest of readers can follow along.

Curious George: Gymnastics Fun by H.A Rey

(Kindergarten to First Grade)

If your kids already like Curious George – which many do- they’ll love this book. George and his friends Allie and Bill love going to gymnastics, but they only get taken to one class a week. Obviously, that’s not enough for an active little monkey like George, so he decides to find a way to create a gym at home in the backyard.

Aside from the fact that this is the kind of charming Curious George story kids enjoy we love the fact that this book also includes a an Energy Ball recipe and Gym-tag-tics game so that you can extend your child’s gymnastics themed learning even further.

Lily’s Lucky Leotard by Cari Meister

(Kindergarten to Second Grade)

This book is billed as ‘a my first graphic novel’ and it does indeed serve as great introduction to that popular book style. The story follows aspiring gymnast Lily, who, when she receives a new leotard as a gift, convinces herself it will be the key to finally mastering the tricky star jump on the beam she’s been practicing for so long. But will it work?

This book not only has a great story that, once again, teaches great lessons about confidence and perseverance but also features questions and writing prompts that can enrich your time together.

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