Using Back to School Time to Refocus Your Family’s Life Goals

Back to schoolWhile there are still a few more weeks before the long summer vacation ends, back to school time really isn’t too far away. And whether you are a parent, a kid or maybe even a grandparent, it’s a time that can be as stressful as it is exciting.

Back to school time brings with it lots of changes, and lots of chances to experience new challenges. That’s why it’s a great time to refocus and you do not even need to be a student to benefit from that mindset.

Here are a few tips for refocusing your life goals and your habits at back to school time that everyone can benefit from whether they’ll actually be going back to school or not.

Resolve to Get More Sleep

Not getting enough sleep seems to be a problem for everyone these days, especially kids and teens, who can can be made to go to bed, but not to sleep. Not getting enough sleep causes all kinds of problems though, both mentally and physically for people of all ages.

For kids, especially those involved in formal athletics like gymnastics, soccer, football or baseball and who will be returning to regular practice schedules soon, a lack of sleep can be a real problem, affecting not only their athletic performance but their academics as well. But it’s not just a problem parents need to help their children tackle as back to school approaches but one they also need to apply to their own life as well.

If you are an adult who is not getting the seven to eight hours sleep a night you really need can be every bit as harmful to your health and well-being as it is to your child’s. Using the back to school mindset to change that is a great idea. Going back to your own childhood and developing – or redeveloping – a bedtime routine can help you achieve that goal. It does not really matter how you do it – a hot drink before bed, thirty minutes spent reading a good book, a nice warm bath – the key to a good bedtime routine is relaxation.

The TV or the computer should not be a part of anyone’s bedtime routine though, as they are both big reasons why teens and adults stay up too late in the first place! If at all possible a TV or computer should not even be in the bedroom, but admittedly that can be hard with kids. At the very least they should be turned off an hour before bedtime so that everyone can relax.

Get Some New Style

New clothes are one of the most exciting things about back to school for a lot of students of all ages and their is no reason why non students – aka adults – should not seize the chance to give themselves a little back to school makeover as well.

It does not have to be anything too drastic; a new haircut, a few great new outfits or a pair of fabulous winter boots can all be great ways to give your image – and your self confidence – a boost for a new school year – whether you are actually going to be heading into a classroom or not.

Refocus Family Fitness Goals

Unfortunately, not even kids seem to be getting enough exercise anymore and childhood obesity is becoming as much of a problem across the world as adult obesity is.

Back to school time can be a great time to refocus everyone’s fitness goals. A new school year is often a great opportunity to allow children to explore a new physical challenge. Explore the possibilities offered at your local Overland Park gymnastics center. For example, at Integrity Gymnastics not only do we offer formal gymnastics, cheerleading and dance classes for kids of all ages but we stage some great dance and movement classes for adults as well. Getting fitter and more active as a family is not only a great way to keep everyone healthier but if parents are motivated to do so their children are more likely to be too.

Make Over Your Diet

If you are going to use that positive back to school mindset to get fitter you also need to start eating better as well. It’s not hard to get into unhealthy eating habits in the winter especially since often our own bodies are asking us to eat a little more to fuel it through the colder months.

There are lots of good for your cold weather foods that are healthy and delicious though and even picky kids will enjoy them. Chilis, soups, veggie laden stews and toasted wholewheat sandwiches can all be great choices, as they are as warm and satisfying as they are healthy.

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