Stop Making Excuses! Why a Parents’ Night Out is a Must

Parents night outWhether you’ve been with your significant other for a year, ten years or even longer, date night is a ritual that should be regularly observed. And we know, this is hardly news to most of you as practically every relationship expert ever repeats this same snippet of advice over and over again. But for parents, often even getting to make it all the way through watching a TV show together without interruption can be hard, let alone actually getting to do something as ‘frivolous’ as head out to a movie that does not feature a talking pink pony or a sparkly vampire as a main character.

However, all those experts are right. You really can’t have a happy family without happy parents, and so making the effort to actually follow this sage relationship advice is one that is worth making surely? And yet according to research carried out by the American Counseling Association only 16% of couples do. And their reasons for skipping a parents’ night out are probably all too familiar to you:

“We Can’t Do Parents’ Night Out, it’s silly”

Yes, on the face of it it can sound a little silly to plan a ‘date’ with someone you have been waking up with for the last ten years. Dates are for love-struck teenagers and Tinder crazed singletons with plenty of money to spare surely, not grownups with full time jobs, mortgages and kids. Well, no they are not, that’s the point. Give the evening a different name if you like, if date night sounds too silly, but still get out there anyway.

“We can’t do Parents’ Night Out, we should be spending more time with the kids”

Family time is indeed important, very much so, but one night every few weeks away from your children is not significant in the long run and if it helps your mental health and improves the general well-being of your relationship that is GREAT for the kids. Besides, we hate to break this to you but provided the children have something exciting to do, and a responsible adult to keep an eye of them while they do it, the chances are very good that they’ll barely pause their fun to notice you’re gone anyway.

“We can’t do Parents’ Night Out, it’s too expensive”

An adults’ only date night out does not have to be expensive to be fun. One of the biggest reasons that so many experts insist that going on them is so important is that it is a brief opportunity to go back in time, to the days when you were only dating and things were more carefree. So a simple trip to the movies, a meal at that casual burger joint you like or even just a walk around town after dark can be as fun – and romantic – as a fancy dinner (although the occasional fancy dinner is not a bad thing at all.)

Having made all of these excuses, here at Integrity Gymnastics we have just the thing to make them all invalid; our own version of Parents’ Night Out. From 6pm to 10pm we open our doors, lay on the snacks, plan the games and gather all the responsible adults so that you can drop off the kids and then head off on a date. It’s affordable, convenient and the kids have a blast, so much so they will probably end up being the ones who encourage you to go out without them more often!

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