25 Questions to Ask Your Gymnast That Go Beyond ‘How Was Gym’

kid gymnast

“How was gym today?” is a question every gym parent wants to ask their kid on the car ride home.

Unfortunately, this age-old, open-ended question loses it’s importance when the word “fine” become the oh-so-common answer. Here is a list of 25 questions to ask your young athlete (not all in the same day of course), that will provide some welcome variety to you and your child!

Communication Tips:

(1) Ask questions to spark communication, not to interrogate.
(2) Listen. Let them work out their thoughts before you interject.
(3) Validate. Validate their feelings and thoughts. Share your own assertions if needed.
(4) Keep the big picture in mind. What life lesson are they learning from their reflection?
(5) Foster a love for the sport. Sometimes it’s just about having fun, nothing more. And that’s an important part of the sport – in fact any sport – that should never be forgotten.

So, onto those questions:

1. What were you most proud of accomplishing at gym today?
2. What was the hardest part of your workout today?
3. Did any specific corrections stand out to you today? And why?
4. What did you do that made you an awesome teammate today?
5. What muscles do you think worked the hardest today?
6. Were you proud of any of your teammates today?
7. Who was a great example to you today? And why?
8. What was the funniest thing about gymnastics today?
9. If you could have worked only one skill today, what would it have been?
10. What was your favorite assignment today?
11. Pick one word to describe today’s workout.
12. On a scale of 1 to 10, how hard did you work today?
13. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much did you love workout today?
14. Pick one word to describe your attitude during workout today
15. What was the best thing about Beam today?
16. What was the best thing about Bars today?
17. What was the best thing about Floor today?
18. What was the best thing about Vault today?
19. If you weren’t at workout/class today, what would you have missed?
20. What did you learn from your mistakes today?
21. Who inspired you at the gym today?
22. Right now, why are you glad you are a gymnast?
23. Did anything funny happen at gymnastics today?
24. What skills will you be doing in your dreams tonight?
25. What weaknesses did you work towards turning into strengths today?

Obviously, it’s best to work these questions into conversation naturally, rather than reciting them, something that might make your questions sound more like an integration. However, do take the time to do so. Communication between parent and child is hugely important – especially for an athletic child who is often too busy to talk. You’ll learn more about your child and they will feel happier and more secure because they will know that their parents are truly interested not only in what they do but how they feel about it as well.

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