Great Ideas for Keeping Active as a Family

Active familyAs a sports parent, you are more than used to shuttling your child between meets and practices, and to supporting them along the way. And these days, as we are all a little more mindful of the need to stay fit, many sports parents take the time during the week to keep themselves in shape too. But what many families often miss is the opportunity to get active together.

The good news is that there are lots of ways to bond and stay active together outside of your kid’s gymnastics (or other sporting activities) and your own solo keep fit routine. Here are a few of our personal favorites for you to consider

Bike Riding

When was the last time you went on a bike ride? If the answer is that it’s been a while, then the time to get back in the saddle is now. Not only is biking a great physical activity for both kids and adults but it can also be a great way to explore the great outdoors around you. And did you know that in Overland Park alone there are over 35 miles of formal bike trails on offer? Marked trails are available for bike riders of all skill levels, even the smallest riders, so there is no excuse not to get out there and ride!

Ice skating

Ice skating is a fun way to burn calories while building muscles and balance (great for gymnasts) There is something of a learning curve involved for those who have never hit the ice but if you take it slow (and maybe wear some padded leggings) most people pick it up very quickly. And if you skate as a family the little tumbles – and helping keep each up – will all be a part of the fun. And don’t forget, yummy hot chocolate is pretty much obligatory after a session on the ice, so there’s another bonding opportunity right there.

Trampoline Park

Be honest – as you’ve watched your kids play on the trampolines, you’ve been tempted to go join in on the fun. Stop thinking about it and do it! Fair warning – those flips and tricks look much easier than they are and there is no shame in simple jumps or racing down the trampoline runs: you’ll have just as much fun as you did as a kid.

Mini Golf

Who doesn’t love a game of mini golf? Especially if you can turn a round into a mini-family competition (well as long as you all resolve not to let things get too heated!)

Batting Cages

Even if your kids don’t play baseball or softball, they’ll have a good time at the batting cages. Beyond the significant benefit of helping to build hand-eye coordination, it’s a great way for everyone to blow off some steam, especially stressed out adults. So, get out there, pick up a bat and whack away!

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