5 Reasons to Enroll Your Kid in Cheer Classes!

cheer classes in overland parkWhile other sports and music classes are a perennial favorite after school activity for kids, parents across the country are increasingly discovering the many benefits of cheer classes for their children. What used to be limited to a handful of cheerleaders is now available to many kids as a fun, healthy, and innovative way for kids to learn valuable skills.

It’s A Great All-Weather Sport

It doesn’t matter if it’s a gorgeous sunny day outside or pouring cold rain. By learning how to cheer in overland park, your kid will be able to take advantage of fun, aerobic exercise indoors. Cheer classes are much more than learning to shout slogans, and involve a high level of athleticism as kids learn how to jump, tumble, and perform back handsprings. And, unlike many other sports, learning to cheer is a safe and healthy aerobic choice, increasingly important in the modern world where much of the rest of the day is spent in sedentary immobility.

Learning Team Spirit

There is no such thing as a lone superstar in the world of cheer, as all cheer efforts are most definitely a team endeavor. By enrolling your kid in Integrity Gymnastics’ cheer classes in Overland Park KS, your child will learn the organizational skills and benefits of working together as a team. Kids will be taught to work to the best of their abilities, and learn the importance of depending on other people while simultaneously having those other people depend on them. The hard-won experience of integrating as a team delivers rich lessons that will last a lifetime.


Cheer classes will teach your kid the fundamentals of athletic prowess and team harmony, but never forget that the end goal is to perform in public. While many people rate the fear of speaking in public higher than death, performing cheers before hundreds or thousands of spectators can be a fun and instructional way of learning valuable showmanship skills. Dressing up in costume, and having the wherewithal to executive complicated and tightly choreographed routines will instill a tremendous sense of pride and accomplishment in your child.

Increased Happiness

It’s so obvious that many people forget that one of the mandatory requirements of a good cheer squad member is happiness. The goal of cheer is to add excitement, fun, and positivity to both the performers and the crowd, so there’s no room for depression, gloom, or lethargy. Many parents have reported that their child becomes a more upbeat, energetic, and yes, cheerful kid after participating in cheer classes. Psychological studies have shown that just being around high-energy, positive people will rub off on others.   Many timid or shy kids find that cheer classes are a great space in which to blossom and shine.


There’s certainly no requirement for your kid to be an opera singer in order to join the cheer squad, but cheer classes definitely contain a strong element of song. Cheer routines regularly are set to popular music, and your kid will be able to sing along with enthusiasm to their favorite tunes. Studies have also shown that singing is a mood brightener, and lead to long-term positive impacts on brain development and mental health. Singing alone is difficult except for the most talented and confident kids, but every child in a cheer class will feel at ease singing along with their teammates. Singing is also a great way to safely release tension and make noise, an important outlet for kids who often spend the rest of their day being told to be quiet.

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